Thursday, September 30, 2010

Elroy Owns the Night

I don't write very often about our kitty Elroy. I admit that Q has usurped the role of most doted on and spoiled in our household. Now he surely plays second fiddle and that's got to be hard for a cat. Ever since I was pregnant, T has taken over most of his basic care. Meaning cleaning his litter box, feeding him in the morning, and getting up in the middle of the night to kick him out of our room. It's not that we mind sleeping with our cuddly cat. It's more that he wants to party all night long and we have become old fogies who need our sleep. Q now sleeps like a champ. It's our damned cat who is to blame for the dark circles under my eyes.

T and I just got into it as much as any two people can in an annoyed, half-awake state. He told me he wasn't doing this anymore, which I think means that I now have to deal with Elroy in the middle of the night. Elroy is locked in the laundry room as I type this and T is back to snoring and snuffling away.

In our new house, Elroy has much more space to run around. And we let him outside now, whereas before he was an indoor cat. He used to sleep at night. He used to be cuddly at night. He no longer sleeps on our bed and has started to wake up earlier and earlier. What was once a rude 4am wake-up call has turned into a startling midnight roust. As in, you guys just fell into deep sleep -- time to make some noise! I'm pretty sure he's not going through some sort of adolescent rebellion. He is 7 years old. What does that make him in human years? Mid-life crisis perhaps?

We've tried a number of different tactics to get him to stop bugging us at night to no avail. We feed him more often and later at night now. If we shut our bedroom door, he meows and scratches at it, waking up Q in the process. If we throw him outside, he either gets into a fight with one of the neighborhood cats -- one who has more experience in night fighting -- or he meows at the sliding glass door just a few feet from our bed. He will surely start meowing urgently in the laundry room before we're ready to wake up. If anyone out there in the worldwide of webs has any suggestions, by all means, advise away! It's after 2am and mama needs her beauty sleep.


  1. Ugh! So sorry! We have the same problem with Chewy. He is up every morning at approx. 5am whining at the foot of the bed and attempting to climb all over us. We lie perfectly still and hope he gets bored and goes away but this rarely does the trick. Jon sometimes throws rolled up socks at him and that tends to work...for a little while. Lately, Chewy has been throwing up in the middle of the night. I think he's come to realize that when he throws up, I immediately jump out of bed to clean up after him. He seems so pleased with himself as he watches me scrub up his mess. I hope that Elroy chills out and gives his loving parentals some much needed peace and quiet. xxoo

  2. We are having the same problem with Brody! His latest past time is making the most unearthly blood curdling yowls in the middle of the night, in the hallway, right outside of our open bedroom door, because this location creates the greatest echo in our entire house.
    He literally sounds like something is killing him in the most painful way possible.
    The only solution I have found is to call to him to come to me. He happily jumps into bed next to me, covers my hand with kisses, purrs and rubs up against me and settles beside me for a little while. We have not found a cure and are hoping that eventually he will stop this. Some nights we get lucky and he keeps quiet, but it seems like attention is what he is after.
    I wish I had a good answer for you. Maybe devote a few minutes before bed to Elroy? Brush him or bring out a toy or give him a treat and pet him for a few minutes before bed? Maybe he is seeking attention too?
    I hope this gets better! No more mid-life mid-night crisis kitty!

  3. Oh my gosh... terrible. I have no solutions for you. But I will say that I'm glad my husband doesn't read the same blogs as I do. I'm trying to convince him that I neeeeeed a cat ;) and this wouldn't help my case!

  4. Thanks for commiserating, ladies. He's gotten slightly better. We've been paying him more attention before we go to bed and putting him outside in the early morning. So far so good!