Tuesday, September 07, 2010

20 Months: Quintessential Q

"You can't keep running away (run run) . . ." ~ Pharcyde

Darling Q-tip, I promise I didn't forget your 19 month day. I gave you extra kisses and ice cream that day, remember? Oh, your short term memory is that of a goldfish? You are just like your mama then. Anyway, 20 months! 20 months old sounds more exciting, doesn't it? You are that much closer to 24 months or 2T (what's the difference between those sizes anyway? T stands for tall, right? Toddler? Oh.) Let's not get ahead of ourselves, though. Let us enjoy this day, this momentous occasion of 20 months.

What have you been up to lately? Oh, that's right. You still love your trips to the park, but sometimes you prefer to run around its perimeter rather than swinging or sliding. But when you do decide to swing or slide, it is with pure abandonment and joy. No more fear.

 You are my champion napper now. Three hours is pretty standard (I'm probably jinxing myself). And when you awake, you reach out, I come to rescue you from the confines of your crib, and the first word out of your mouth: "Kitty?" 

You have discovered how to open the broom closet, and, other than that one incident with the fluorescent light tube that we won't discuss here, it's been super fun. You want to help sweep and Swiffer and mop. I didn't realize I would have a maid little cleaning assistant so soon. I especially enjoy when you wipe the table with a paper towel and proceed to snack on it. You say "num num." Good times!

You begged me to enter you in that Gerber baby contest, so I went ahead and did it (vote here!). Now that two several people have referred to you as a mini Brad Pitt, I think it's time we got you an agent. But it's totally up to you. I'm so not the stage mom type.

But best of all . . . I feel like I have waited much longer than 20 months for this. It has finally happened after many sleepless nights of your mama wondering -- will he love to dance? While we cannot yet assume that you dance well, you now make it a regular point to shake your groove thang. And that's all that matters. Thank you for letting me capture this fleeting moment . . . (pardon the shaky camera work -- someone's mama was getting down as well)

Happy 20 Month Day, Quincy!


  1. I voted for Q!!! :)

  2. Krissy/Red9/8/10, 8:55 AM

    Awesome! Love that little guy. And yes, I voted too. :)

  3. That's so cute and what a great song to get your groove on! :)
    I love the new look of the blog!

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