Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend Fly-lights and Fly-lows

"Five days to work, one whole day to play, come on everybody, wear your rollerskates today" ~ De La Soul

Another whirlwind weekend. I remember thinking in high school that, like, oh my god, the weekends went by hella fast. And there's homework too? Somebody shoot me because I won't make it to 21 anyway. In college I did whatever I could to extend the weekend, such as scheduling my classes for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and switching Thirsty Thursdays to Wet Wednesdays and attempting to not be so hungover that I skipped my Thursday classes, and... you get the picture (yes, I went to a party school). Then in my later 20's, the weekends seemed ridiculously short what with having to actually work M-F and all. But now. Oh, now that all is so laughable! Because once you have a kid, especially when you work outside of the home, weekends become blue balls. The truly satisfying relief and relaxation occasionally hits on a 3-day weekend, but otherwise -- blue balls.


- Gorgeous blue skies and 80 degree temps= ultimate summer weather
- Q's new pool
- Girls' night out with old college homies-- reunited and it feels so good! Especially when wine is involved!
- Family naptime on Sunday afternoon
- The awesomeness that was True Blood last night
- Not eating any dessert all weekend


- Q discovering my hastily discarded purple nail polish (that I could have sworn I had closed tightly) -- after a few flings onto the cream carpet, polish made its way into Q's mouth for a fashionable teeth and tongue splatter effect.
- Getting stuck in midnight traffic on my way home from said girls' night due to a heavily armed lunatic in a white pickup truck deciding to take on Oakland PD
- Q's double-fun teething and cold combo 
- Not eating any dessert all weekend

Okay, fine, it was a better weekend than I thought it was. Eventful at least. But still, not long enough. The vacation countdown begins ...

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