Thursday, July 22, 2010

Michies Shoes

"Act your age not your shoe size, and maybe we can do the twirl." ~ Prince

My friend's 2-year-old daughter used to point to my feet and say "Michiesss shoessss" every time she saw me. Aside from falling deeper in love with this little shoe-lover-in-training, this confirmed that I was indeed obsessed with shoes. But for a shoe lover, I'm pretty practical. I have never pulled a Carrie Bradshaw and spent my rent/mortgage money on a pair of shoes. I don't own a single pair of Jimmy Choo's, Manolo's, or Louboutin's. While I should be proud that I haven't thrown my life's savings at a pair of heels, I mostly feel like I'm missing out. Especially lately.

I've been craving sky-high, sexy-yet-tough sandals. Otherwise known as the perfect shoes for a mother to an 18 month old. Can you imagine me toddling on 5 inches of platform heel with my toddler? Of course I'm having a hard time justifying a purchase. But summer sales are well under way...

The completely impractical but drool-worthy shoes on my summer list:

* (clockwise from top) Stuart Weitzman, Topshop,  Seychelles, DVF


  1. Oh dear friend, you are speaking my language. I love me some pairs of adorable shoes but like you, I am much too practical. Great shoe pictures, drooling now...

  2. those are really cute! I just learned about a shoe brand called Miz Mooz and have been eyeing that website.