Monday, July 26, 2010

Contemplating Two

"The girls look so good ... Next" ~ Gangstarr

Number two has been on the brain a bit lately. No, not that number two -- get your mind out of the diaper.

A recent conversation after seeing a darling baby girl while out eating brunch ...

Flyrish:     Oh, I want a baby girl!

T:     Why don't you borrow one of your friends?

Flyrish:     C'mon, it's not the same. They wouldn't be as cute!

Of course I was kidding when I said this (especially since my bff's daugher is all kinds of adorable). The girl version of Q would be pretty irresistible, though. And hopefully she would have Q's feathery eyelashes because then I could put mascara on them without it being quite so traumatizing to T.

In all seriousness, contemplating kid number two is a toughie. We know we want one more babe (and that's it, people), but figuring out the timing and finances and what would be best for everyone involved -- it can feel a bit overwhelming, to say the least. I always thought that three to four years would be the perfect amount of space between two kids, but if we want to follow through with that plan, then we should start trying again early next year. And here comes the deluge of questions, a hallmark of my indecisive nature. What if it takes us longer this time to get pregnant? I am getting older after all. But are we really ready at that point financially? What about my career goals? Maybe we should wait until next summer to start trying again. I'd like Q to be out of diapers ideally when the baby comes and he's not remotely interested in his potty yet. But then remember I'm getting older, so maybe just start trying sooner than later. Ugh, am I ready to put my body through that again? And what if it's another boy? Well, we wouldn't try again for a girl, right? I could be happy with a house full of boys. I think.

See what I mean? The inner workings of my mind are quite irritating, yes? I'm not typically a big planner, but it seems foolish to not think about practicalities, to not consider everything when expanding our little household. How do other families do it? Clearly some families just do it (ahem, Duggars).

In the meanwhile, here's my little hipster:


  1. Love that pic! Lil man about town! :)

  2. He is so cute! My hubs wants a baby girl. I know I'd end up with another boy, some things you just know.

  3. Believe me, no matter when you have your 2nd, you will adapt and do just fine! Besides, your son would love to have a sibling to play with...

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