Thursday, July 15, 2010

Beautifying the Boudoir

We recently installed new custom drapes in our bedroom for our sliding glass door, and they have vastly improved things in there. And by things, I mean actual privacy for ... ahem ... beauty sleep. Also, they are much more aesthetically pleasing. They hang from silver grommets in a color reminiscent of the deep sea in a textured faux silk with white thermal lining . The light subtly filters in now and creates the ultimate relaxing, spa-like atmosphere, especially when the door is open with curtains softly billowing in the breeze and the sound of the fountain outside. Q also enjoys hiding behind them. Fortunately, Elroy hasn't seemed to notice them yet.

But, now everything else in the bedroom appears dull and uninspired in comparison. The quick fix? Some new bedding! We haven't purchased any new bedding in years-- our current bedding is from our wedding registry five years ago and is looking a bit worn. Time for an upgrade.

I've narrowed it down to the following (although I should probably consider T's opinion as well-- at least I know we like the same colors):

 I think the teal blue color would pop beautifully with our drapes. I'm also kind of digging the wall art. From CB2- love their playful, modern vibe

I'm into the idea of grey bedding since the drapes add a heavy dose of color to the room-- they take up most of one wall. I don't usually go for so many flourishes, but the muted color might balance the feminine aspects. Also from CB2.

Another grey option, but I like that the floral is more graphic and clean. Plus, the set is made from organic cotton! From West Elm.

I know, I know-- more grey. But I adore the starburst design and the darker shade. Just add a couple of colorful pillows and perfection. From Inhabit Living.


  1. The new curtains sound so lovely!!! You must post a photo (preferably one with Q peeking out from behind 'em). Are you taking votes on the bedding? I LOVE the last set - darker gray starburst design. Gorgeous! :)

  2. I'm with Red! I love the dark grey starburst. I bought some pillow cases from inhabit a few years ago and they still look great. My bedspread is a little cat clawed...perhaps I will take a look at inhabit too!
    I want photos too!

  3. Yay! We all like the same one best, Toby included. We're getting those as soon as our much delayed tax return arrives.