Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Weekend Wackness

"You've got me knocked out, baby there's no doubt..." ~ Paula Abdul

When my best friend and mother to Q's future wife recently wondered when life with her newborn would get a little easier, I remember telling her that it would start getting easier at 2 months old or so. I then started to say something about there always being new challenges but you just are able to choose your meltdowns more wisely. And then some time early last week I thought to myself, wow, Q hasn't had any major injuries or battle wounds lately. He must be getting more coordinated, and I'm clearly more on top of it. A better mom, if you will. HAHA! Oh, the jinxing humor of it all now.

Let's review the past weekend in earnest, shall we?

We got the weekend started early, college-style, on Thursday night. After Q delivered an explosive poop onto our cream carpet, I was cleaning up and vacuuming. I probably was trying to get a quick workout in with the vacuum, and after pulling it back with gusto, I heard (and felt) a WHACK and then a wail. Q was no longer safely across the room. Instead, a cut was on his left eyelid which was swelling rapidly before my eyes. He was a mess, I was a mess. Mothering FAIL.

The next morning as I was getting us ready to leave the house, Q somehow fell into the corner of the wall and rechipped his tooth. Blood, tears, etc. Q now looked like Pacquiao.

Later that afternoon I realized that the snot pouring from his nose and the radiating heat from his body probably meant he had a cold and were not just teething symptoms. Oh, and the fiery rash on his butt only added to his upbeat demeanor.

So, while I selfishly wanted to pretend that Q wasn't sick on Sunday so that bff and V could come over and spend time in our "outdoor room", I had to cancel plans so as not to infect the newborn and her parents.

I can't remember the last time I spent quality time with my girlfriends. Must plan a girls' night, day, lunch, tea, anything soon!

Being a mom to a toddler is challenging. My weekends are not what they used to be. Understatements anyone? Passing them out free for your eye-rolling pleasure.

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  1. ohmygoodness Mich! So much all at once! It definitely sounds like a challenge, but you are doing a great job.