Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pretty Please, with Sugar on Top

"Your sweetness is my weakness, baby..." ~ The Good Girls

When I was pregnant with Q, I craved sweets like my iPhone craves reliable service. (Don't get me started on my intense loathing of AT&T. I would have to unleash my inner beast and that thing's not very attractive. Can I please have a conversation with my best friend that lasts over 5 minutes? Aargh! Okay, reining it in, reining it in.) Pre-pregnancy I would indulge in the occasional chocolate binge and sometimes pass on cake at parties. I had my sugar intake under control for the most part. But as soon as the nausea had subsided, my pregnant self wanted pastries, hot chocolate, ice cream, cookies, candy bars, pie ... you get the picture. I literally dreamed about going to the market for pastries and coming home with nothing in my bag except for veggies -- it was an anxiety dream of the worst kind.

It was easy to blame my new-found sugar addiction on the little person growing inside of me. I told myself everything would go back to normal after he was born. I would make more of an effort to eat fruit instead of, say, a hot fudge sundae covered in smashed brownie with a side of caramel sauce. So, sure, I made a bit of an effort. I was breastfeeding after all and didn't want Q to be on a permanent sugar rush (apparently only safe in utero according to my twisted logic ... is that why his head is so big?). But I should emphasize that it was the slightest bit of effort. My yearning for dessert never subsided. I told myself that it was okay to eat half a box five pieces of See's candy because Q was taking all of my extra calories anyway. I was allowed to eat 500 more calories a day while EBF.

Here I am 17+ months later, sweet tooth still going so strong that I'll likely need a root canal. Here am I with not a soul to take away my extra calories. Here I am so not bikini-ready. Here I am being so vain and probably thinking this song is about me.

Please help me to stay strong and avoid the temptation of all things sugary. Please help me to motivate and work out more than once or twice a week. Please let me be a good, healthy example for my son. (I don't know who I'm talking to right now -- let's just call this rhetorical begging.)


  1. hahaha. Same Here! My choco addiction has gotten worse lately too.
    In times of toughest cravings, I have tried to limit myself to treats every other day, telling myself, tomorrow I will have that sweet and not today. Easier said than done, I haven't been able to keep that up lately. Thank goodness summer fruits and berries are out. Sometimes cut up strawberries or some juicy watermelon can take the edge off the sweets craving....sometimes! ;)

  2. same story over here! frozen blueberries help me immensely on those warm evenings ...

  3. Blueberries are my favorite! Unfortunately those rarely win out when there is leftover ice cream and cake from our Father's Day bbq.

  4. On the plus side, your sweet tooth only started in your 30s. Some of us have been battling this monster for decades! ;)