Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Listless Listing

"And summer in the city, in the summer in the city..." ~ Quincy Jones

It's officially summertime, and DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince would advise me that it's time to sit back and unwind. I would like to sign up for that non-activity, please. Let me check my schedule. I can fit that in some time between chasing Q around the couch for the 9,228th time and rescheduling the dentist appointment I forgot about two weeks ago. Oh, and right after we finish writing those two grant proposals at work. Why didn't I plan ahead for some serious R&R this summer?

But I need to stop complaining already. That's right -- back to the beloved gratitude list. Here are 10 things I'm thankful for as the sun hangs out in the sky that much longer.

1. The scent of jasmine wafting into the house from the vines we just planted in our backyard.

2. The gurgling, lightly splashing sound of our new fountain! Our "outdoor room" is really coming together. I bet you didn't know we were creating an outdoor room. That's okay because I didn't either. Suddenly T discovered therapy in watering the veggies in our garden, and the next thing I knew we both felt we desperately needed a "water feature" in our backyard.

3. Exfoliation, steam, massage, extractions, massage, balancing mask, aromatherapy, massage, hydration. My long-ago-scheduled facial finally came and I'm now all glow-y and rejuvenated. A world of thank yous for the GC, my pampering friend!

4. My cousin Keefe who had the amazing idea to create a scholarship fund in honor of my mom -- the Terri Duterte Memorial Scholarship Fund. Almost all set and ready to accept donations. More info coming soon!

5. Recently retrieved videos of Q that had somehow gone missing, soon to be posted to a blog near you!

6. Elroy enjoying our view from the roof.

7. My new TOMS wedges -- open-toed with red and white stripes = ultimate summer shoes

8. A very dear, long lost friend who got in touch last week and is coming to visit this weekend with her son.

9. Looking forward to weekends camping in beautiful California redwoods and mountains.

10. Even if we don't have any major vacations planned, summer is my favorite time of year!


  1. Sounds like a lot of wonderful things to be grateful for!! I could really use a spa day!!!

  2. YAY for #1-10!!! I am so excited to see your outdoor room! Sounds heavenly. Lovely picture of Elroy. I be he's so happy there. xxoo

  3. Ooouu, I'm so glad you liked your appt. w/ Kirsten, Meesh! You'll have to tell me more about it the next time we get together. xox

  4. mmm, what a great list. Very inspiring!

  5. you couldn't add a number 11 on the list for the hubs? perhaps I could've ranked somewhere in between the fountain and elroy, seriously...