Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Fiesta Fiesta

"Come on over over, we're having a party for you." ~ Yacht

That's right. You're all invited to my party. Who, or more appropriately, what are we honoring at this grand gathering? Self-pity, of course! (I could have easily quoted Monica for this post since her ode to PMS pretty much fits my current state of mind).

The IRS hates me. I couldn't sleep last night. I'm a bad mother. I'm a lackluster wife.

It was T's birthday a week ago and I didn't even post about it. Things sort of came up that distracted us from fully celebrating. We will be having a belated BBQ celebration this Saturday, so I am actually throwing a party for someone other than my own self-pity. Patting myself on the back between keystrokes.

Also, my sunshine baby toddler turned 17 months yesterday! Wow understates it. I wish that I had a touching letter-like post with incredible photos of Q, but I've been lacking the energy to gush appropriately. Boo on me. For now, this cuddly photo of our typical happy hour will have to do. More evidence that I'm a sucky mom for not pushing the sippy cup on Q yet. I really do feel some guilt about that, but clearly not enough to do much about it. BUT, we are fully weaned now!

Cocktails, anyone?


  1. Can I join your pity party today??!! It sounds like just what I need! And your not a bad mother for not posting about things....we get busy and sometimes just don't feel like doing a damn thing! Don't be so hard on yourself!!
    And I will certainly have cocktails with ya!

  2. Aw, Miches. Sorry you're feeling down. Don't beat yourself up though...we all have our ups and downs. You are a wonderful friend, sister, daughter, mother, wifey, and all around incredible woman. Don't forget it.

  3. Thanks, Red. I was trying to make light of my wallowing in self-pity. I'm good now, though.

  4. I feel you Michie! PMS just took me hostage. It was 2 days of utter misery! Just be good to yourself! I am glad to see your post that the sun has come out again. You are a wonderful mother and wifey my beautiful friend. I miss you! Next time you are having a pity party, call me! I will make you smile! xoxox