Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Maraca Mania

"It took your mama nine months to make ya, might as well shake what your mama gave ya." ~ Ludacris

As promised, here is one of the recently recovered videos of Q. It's amazing how he immediately knew what to do with those maracas. He is obviously a child prodigy.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Weekend Wackness

"You've got me knocked out, baby there's no doubt..." ~ Paula Abdul

When my best friend and mother to Q's future wife recently wondered when life with her newborn would get a little easier, I remember telling her that it would start getting easier at 2 months old or so. I then started to say something about there always being new challenges but you just are able to choose your meltdowns more wisely. And then some time early last week I thought to myself, wow, Q hasn't had any major injuries or battle wounds lately. He must be getting more coordinated, and I'm clearly more on top of it. A better mom, if you will. HAHA! Oh, the jinxing humor of it all now.

Let's review the past weekend in earnest, shall we?

We got the weekend started early, college-style, on Thursday night. After Q delivered an explosive poop onto our cream carpet, I was cleaning up and vacuuming. I probably was trying to get a quick workout in with the vacuum, and after pulling it back with gusto, I heard (and felt) a WHACK and then a wail. Q was no longer safely across the room. Instead, a cut was on his left eyelid which was swelling rapidly before my eyes. He was a mess, I was a mess. Mothering FAIL.

The next morning as I was getting us ready to leave the house, Q somehow fell into the corner of the wall and rechipped his tooth. Blood, tears, etc. Q now looked like Pacquiao.

Later that afternoon I realized that the snot pouring from his nose and the radiating heat from his body probably meant he had a cold and were not just teething symptoms. Oh, and the fiery rash on his butt only added to his upbeat demeanor.

So, while I selfishly wanted to pretend that Q wasn't sick on Sunday so that bff and V could come over and spend time in our "outdoor room", I had to cancel plans so as not to infect the newborn and her parents.

I can't remember the last time I spent quality time with my girlfriends. Must plan a girls' night, day, lunch, tea, anything soon!

Being a mom to a toddler is challenging. My weekends are not what they used to be. Understatements anyone? Passing them out free for your eye-rolling pleasure.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Listless Listing

"And summer in the city, in the summer in the city..." ~ Quincy Jones

It's officially summertime, and DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince would advise me that it's time to sit back and unwind. I would like to sign up for that non-activity, please. Let me check my schedule. I can fit that in some time between chasing Q around the couch for the 9,228th time and rescheduling the dentist appointment I forgot about two weeks ago. Oh, and right after we finish writing those two grant proposals at work. Why didn't I plan ahead for some serious R&R this summer?

But I need to stop complaining already. That's right -- back to the beloved gratitude list. Here are 10 things I'm thankful for as the sun hangs out in the sky that much longer.

1. The scent of jasmine wafting into the house from the vines we just planted in our backyard.

2. The gurgling, lightly splashing sound of our new fountain! Our "outdoor room" is really coming together. I bet you didn't know we were creating an outdoor room. That's okay because I didn't either. Suddenly T discovered therapy in watering the veggies in our garden, and the next thing I knew we both felt we desperately needed a "water feature" in our backyard.

3. Exfoliation, steam, massage, extractions, massage, balancing mask, aromatherapy, massage, hydration. My long-ago-scheduled facial finally came and I'm now all glow-y and rejuvenated. A world of thank yous for the GC, my pampering friend!

4. My cousin Keefe who had the amazing idea to create a scholarship fund in honor of my mom -- the Terri Duterte Memorial Scholarship Fund. Almost all set and ready to accept donations. More info coming soon!

5. Recently retrieved videos of Q that had somehow gone missing, soon to be posted to a blog near you!

6. Elroy enjoying our view from the roof.

7. My new TOMS wedges -- open-toed with red and white stripes = ultimate summer shoes

8. A very dear, long lost friend who got in touch last week and is coming to visit this weekend with her son.

9. Looking forward to weekends camping in beautiful California redwoods and mountains.

10. Even if we don't have any major vacations planned, summer is my favorite time of year!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pretty Please, with Sugar on Top

"Your sweetness is my weakness, baby..." ~ The Good Girls

When I was pregnant with Q, I craved sweets like my iPhone craves reliable service. (Don't get me started on my intense loathing of AT&T. I would have to unleash my inner beast and that thing's not very attractive. Can I please have a conversation with my best friend that lasts over 5 minutes? Aargh! Okay, reining it in, reining it in.) Pre-pregnancy I would indulge in the occasional chocolate binge and sometimes pass on cake at parties. I had my sugar intake under control for the most part. But as soon as the nausea had subsided, my pregnant self wanted pastries, hot chocolate, ice cream, cookies, candy bars, pie ... you get the picture. I literally dreamed about going to the market for pastries and coming home with nothing in my bag except for veggies -- it was an anxiety dream of the worst kind.

It was easy to blame my new-found sugar addiction on the little person growing inside of me. I told myself everything would go back to normal after he was born. I would make more of an effort to eat fruit instead of, say, a hot fudge sundae covered in smashed brownie with a side of caramel sauce. So, sure, I made a bit of an effort. I was breastfeeding after all and didn't want Q to be on a permanent sugar rush (apparently only safe in utero according to my twisted logic ... is that why his head is so big?). But I should emphasize that it was the slightest bit of effort. My yearning for dessert never subsided. I told myself that it was okay to eat half a box five pieces of See's candy because Q was taking all of my extra calories anyway. I was allowed to eat 500 more calories a day while EBF.

Here I am 17+ months later, sweet tooth still going so strong that I'll likely need a root canal. Here am I with not a soul to take away my extra calories. Here I am so not bikini-ready. Here I am being so vain and probably thinking this song is about me.

Please help me to stay strong and avoid the temptation of all things sugary. Please help me to motivate and work out more than once or twice a week. Please let me be a good, healthy example for my son. (I don't know who I'm talking to right now -- let's just call this rhetorical begging.)

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Fiesta Fiesta

"Come on over over, we're having a party for you." ~ Yacht

That's right. You're all invited to my party. Who, or more appropriately, what are we honoring at this grand gathering? Self-pity, of course! (I could have easily quoted Monica for this post since her ode to PMS pretty much fits my current state of mind).

The IRS hates me. I couldn't sleep last night. I'm a bad mother. I'm a lackluster wife.

It was T's birthday a week ago and I didn't even post about it. Things sort of came up that distracted us from fully celebrating. We will be having a belated BBQ celebration this Saturday, so I am actually throwing a party for someone other than my own self-pity. Patting myself on the back between keystrokes.

Also, my sunshine baby toddler turned 17 months yesterday! Wow understates it. I wish that I had a touching letter-like post with incredible photos of Q, but I've been lacking the energy to gush appropriately. Boo on me. For now, this cuddly photo of our typical happy hour will have to do. More evidence that I'm a sucky mom for not pushing the sippy cup on Q yet. I really do feel some guilt about that, but clearly not enough to do much about it. BUT, we are fully weaned now!

Cocktails, anyone?

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Da Goalie Goal

"Can I kick it? Yes, you can!" ~ A Tribe Called Quest

We're all set for the World Cup over here. Eight more days and counting down!

I never imagined myself saying this, but I'm so down to be a soccer mom. But hopefully with cooler jeans and hair.