Thursday, May 20, 2010

White Walled

"Lively up yourself and don't be no drag" ~ Bob Marley

My excuse for having boring white walls at Guido? I like colorful artwork! Fortunately so does Toby. His paintings tend to be very bright and playful. We have some of his artwork up but not enough to fill the vast white wall space. Not that we have to completely fill it. How I loathe cluttered walls. But we do need at least something.

Friends and family have suggested that Toby start painting again to perfectly and personally adorn our new walls. While of course this would be ideal, his free time is finite at the moment. So I will have to find some other original artwork in the meanwhile.

While trolling Etsy for inspiration, I came across an artist that I adore. She is a Japanese artist named Juri Ueda, and she makes me wish I had a reason to decorate a little girl's room.

So sweet, but not practical at this time. We need pieces that would be more living room and dining room friendly.

I like the idea of this tree collage. It's modern with a fresh dose of whimsy. The artist is Sascalia from the UK.

This seller has a pretty cool deal on Etsy to buy four of his prints, which I envision hanging in a sort of cluster on one wall. Love the koi fish especially (shocking, I know).

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  1. those are beautiful! I am a big lover of all things trees, so the tree pic grabbed me immediately. Also love the koi too! Nice finds! I am gonna contact you for inspiration when I need to decorate!