Thursday, May 13, 2010

Let Me See You Go Back...

"Back, back, back and forth" ~ Aaliyah

I have a favorite country. Some of you may be aware of it. My cousin is currently living there for an indefinite span of time with his fiancee. I also just found out that they plan to get married there instead of in the Bay Area. A wedding in Italy. A wedding to which I am invited. Let's just say the whimsical-fantasyland-Pisces me is playing a game of ping pong with the practical-have-an-expensive-mortgage-and-a-16monthold me.

What a perfect opportunity to go back to my favorite country!

Why must they tempt me?

Rome! The most romantic, beautiful, cool city I've ever visited!

Q on a plane for 12 hours.

Credit cards are made for such occasions!

Living just enough for Guido house.

My cousin is like my brother!

Hmm, whimsical-fantasyland-Pisces might have just served a doozy of hit...

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  1. GO GO GO! Is there some way?