Thursday, April 29, 2010

G for V

Time to return to my Gratitude List.

- I'm thankful for those who responded to the poll. It looks like focusing on one blogging topic is overrated ... by me. I will find a way to somehow become more thematic. Or interesting. I don't know. I promise something!

- I'm grateful for having a place to stay in Santa Barbara for little getaways. We just got back on Tuesday evening, and the change of scenery was much-needed.

- I'm thankful for being blessed with a fairly easygoing toddler. Q slept for at least half of each car trip and adapted really well in what was surely an unfamiliar place to him. Photos of Q pointing at everything on the beach coming soon.

- I'm grateful that my bff brought a healthy, beautiful baby girl (Valencia Moira -- isn't that just gorgeous?) into the world on April 24th at 1:46am after a grueling 28-hour labor and delivery. She deserves an award and is my pick for Mama of the Year.

- I'm thankful for getting to experience motherhood with my best friend!

- I'm grateful that Q has a new lifelong friend in little Valencia. Or future wife. (These kids are going to hate us.)

Okay, I really should dedicate another post to the wonders of sharing motherhood with a best friend. It's a challenge to think about anything else lately. Have I mentioned Valencia yet? I'm smitten apparently.

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