Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Pooptie

{{{{Brag Alert}}}}

I recently picked up a fun, little gift for Q, which has been the source of plenty of entertainment and laughter. Q seems to like it, too. He immediately took to his Winnie the Pooh ride-on. Now, for a guy who doesn't yet walk without assistance, his agility on this thing is quite impressive. To quote his Uncle Victor, "it's shocking."

The weather has been refreshingly spring-like and lovely over the last week, so the other evening we took him out on the deck with the ride-on so he could show us his moves. He used his feet and the steering wheel to guide him around the deck, slickly avoiding the stairs and revealing the tight turning radius of his vehicle. I think a couple of mosquitoes may have landed in my mouth, courted, mated, and had a family -- my jaw was hanging open for so long in awe.

"He's like a real toddler. A real little guy!" I exclaimed to Toby.

Q gets a little riding time in every day now, whether or not he thinks that he feels like it. Sometimes he fusses a bit when I first put him on, but then he gets going and it's all smiles. Sometimes he poops when he's sitting on it, which has led to the very apt naming of the ride-on as the Pooptie. But usually he drives around like a pro.

Is there some kind of contest I can enter him in? He would so win. I would be an awesome backseat driver, too.

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  1. omg, I can't wait to see Q riding around on the pooptie!