Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Killer Q Kisses

Any one who has been around me and Q lately can attest to the brutal lovefest going on between us. Now 14 months old, one of his favorite activities with Mama is to come at her with an open mouth, make contact with her cheek, and bite down. Sometimes it's a little nip, other times it's a full-on jaw clench while pulling back with cheek still trapped firmly between teeth. Oh, it's a bittersweet thing when your offspring loves you so much that he can't help but sink his teeth into you.

I've attempted to use this painful opportunity to test out my disciplinary skills. After a couple times of firmly stating "no biting," Q reacted with a pushed-out lower lip and two or three big tears. He then proceeded to give me another of his killer kisses. All of the parenting books, blogs, and magazine articles would tell me he was "testing his limits." In spite of my reddened and swelling face, I also swelled with pride when I realized that he was starting to figure out what "no" really meant. Around here, we latch onto anything that reveals the boy may indeed be developing normally.

So, when I came across this article, I may have guffawed. Yes, guffawed. It just rang so true. And then it hit me with the force of a killer kiss -- the pain will never end...

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