Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Goodness Grateful

I turned 33 yesterday, and it ended up being a not so terrible day. A pretty sweet one actually. The whole week so far has been fairly awesome. That may have a big something to do with being Vertigo-free for the past few days. Thankfulness in abundance for saying bye-bye to M-Dizzy. (I decided that M-Dizzy would be my Guidette nickname if I were to venture to the Jersey Shore because I would most certainly have the spins from binge drinking and overdosing on tanning.)

But I realized I'm also thankful for many, many other things in my life. I read something recently about making a "gratitude list" to have something to refer to when feeling down. Despite being a bit corny, I like the idea of making said list. When I think about how tough it is to be without my mom at this transitional time in my life, I can look at this list and think, hey, my life's not too shabby.

I want to include both little, seemingly insignificant aspects of my life and the more obvious big ones. I'm pretty sure this list will be ongoing, but it's a positive way to kick off my 33rd year. So, in completely random order:

- I am thankful for deciding to make a change and chopping my hair into an assymetrical bob. Feels nice and light and not as drastic a change as I had imagined it would be.

- I am thankful for my hairstylist asking me if at 33 I'm where I thought I would be in my life. While I've never been the type to make a plan based on what age I would be, I felt confident saying that I was pretty content with where I was overall. Now I'm not in a perfect place, realizing that I'm in a transitional phase, but I really don't have too much to complain about (aside from missing my mom).

- I am thankful for having an amazing husband who is working his booty off at his new job, bonding with Q when he's not working, and still taking the time to make me feel special.

- I am thankful for HGTV. How did I go so long without watching this channel?! It's become a relatively recent obsession and nice escape, and I will have to dedicate another post on that topic because I can go on and on. I might have a problem actually...

- I am thankful for a truly incredible group of friends. While I wish I got to spend more time with them, the moments I do have with them are that much more special now. I have such admiration for each of them for various reasons, from the friend who always has something positive to say to the one who always remembers the times when you need her most to the one who is so grounded and practical yet knows just when to let loose. Another topic I can get verbose on obviously, so again, saving more for another post...


  1. so important to focus on the positive! thanks for the reminder, and have a fabulous 33rd year :)

  2. Thanks, Erin! I've been reading your blog, too. Nice to read another new mom's perspective!

  3. I like the gratitude list, thats really nice.
    Ohmygosh, new hair cut! Can't wait to see it!!! :)