Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Ready to get jealous? Tomorrow I'm off to Kauai for 10 fun-filled days of surf, sand, sun, quoting North Shore, choreographing water ballets, laying by the pool and reading Harry Potter, popping bubbly in the hot tub, etc., etc. Sometimes my life really is like a hip-hop video. Especially the Harry Potter part.

Sometimes right before I'm about to embark on a vacation I get a bit sad because I know that my time will fly like the trademark trade winds of the Garden Isle. I know that's crazy. I should just live in the moment and enjoy each day I have at Chateau Relaxo (really-- that's the name of the house where I'm staying). So, here are my rules for fully immersing oneself in vacation mode:

1. No feeling guilty for laying around, imbibing a bit too much, eating ice cream, napping, not working out enough and so on. A vacation from guilt!

2. Define your own vacation. If some people want to explore every historic site where they visit and participate in a different thrilling activity everyday, more power to 'em. If I want to perfect a new cocktail and drink it while sunbathing, more power to me!

3. Spoil others vacationing with you along with yourself. Pitch in with keeping the space clean and cooking (if applicable). Make that perfect cocktail for your companions, too. Aww, my one unselfish comment of the day. Kudos to me.

Like my father once so wisely stated, let's get this luau started!

* If anybody knows from where the title of this post originated, I will gladly return from my trip with a special prize for you because you would totally win the World Series of Obscure Pop Culture (is that an oxymoron?). But don't ask Kye what his prize was after winning the Vegas game I posted (all he got was the glory of winning, which is priceless really).

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


On Monday night I embarked on my first foray into the world of 3D IMAX. Not only was it my IMAX experience devirginization, but I also watched the fifth Harry Potter movie, The Order of the Phoenix. Suffice it to say, I was very excited. What a way to make an otherwise manic Monday bearable- fun even!

In preparation for this new flick and the soon-to-be-released final book in the series, I reread the fifth HP and reread Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I had become fully immersed in the realm that is Harry, Hogwarts, Hermione, and other words that start with the letter H. I was in alliteration heaven! And I was reminded of why J.K. Rowling is one of my heroes. She truly created a special world with her series- exactly the kind of books I would love to have written. So, I was psyched to absorb more Harry via the new movie on Monday.

In hindsight, rereading the book before the movie may have not been the best plan for me. I felt as if I knew many details of The Order of the Phoenix book intimately. And when the movie altered scenes in what I thought were significant ways, I became disappointed. I recall sitting there and thinking, damn, this is not what I expected. Now don't get me wrong- there were some incredible scenes, particularly shots of the crew flying in the London night sky and the climactic Ministry of Magic duel in 3D. And I can't forget Toby's favorite- Cho Chang, Cho Chang (they had hydroponic love and they smoked it). Ultimately, this movie was quite entertaining. It's understandable that they would have to change some important elements to squeeze the longest book of the series into the shortest Harry Potter movie thus far. But still, not my favorite of the movies (that would probably be Prisoner of Azkaban, by the way).

Now with news that sneak peaks of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows have been released online, I am determined to patiently wait for my copy of the new book. I am toe-tapping and restless in anticipation, but I will not look at spoilers. Nor am I trying too hard to theorize about the ending. I don't think I can take another disappointment related to my contemporary literary hero. Therefore, I have no expectations.

That's what I keep telling myself anyway...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


"And watch me break 'em with the 7,
7- 11, 7- 11, 7 even back do' little Joe
I picked up the cash flow
Then we played bones and I'm yellin' domino..."

Name that tune!

I am getting bad about blogging regularly. Perhaps if my life was more exciting I wouldn't have to resort to quoting songs loosely related to the date of my blog posting. More thrills later...