Thursday, June 28, 2007

iPop Inspiration

As the much-lauded iPhone is being released tomorrow, I'm reminded how on top of their game Apple has been for the past few years. I mean, the iPod has created this huge revolution in music and prompted a multi-million dollar industry. Godbot even proposed to me on the back of an iPod, so this little slice of technology is more like an entire chocolate cake in my memory book. There are Apple haters out there (and I would agree that some of their products are far from perfect), but no one can deny the power of that little 'i' in popular culture today. That being said, I am no gadget geek and am not waiting in line for two days to get the first iPhone. Experts recommend waiting until all of the kinks of the first generation phone get worked out and perhaps deciding on the second generation iPhone whenever that arrives. Great. Someone lend me a few benjis next year and I'll be ready.

In keeping with today's theme, the rest of my post will be inspired by a random assortment of songs on my iPod. Random meaning whatever comes up on the shuffle setting. Excitement! Intrigue! procrastination.

"Rap Promoter" by A Tribe Called Quest
- Ahh, the golden days of ATCQ when I was discovering just how much I loved hip-hop. Plus it didn't hurt that Q-tip was cute and had a sexy, raspy voice. I adored Q-tip, even if he shared a name with a cotton swab you stick in your ear. Wait, I'm starting to get why he called himself Q-tip! Despite my lame girly-ness (I was, like, 13 when Low-End Theory came out), I knew I had found one of my musical passions and only wanted to absorb as much as I could.

"Today's You're Day" by Fatlip with Chali 2na
- This guy, who once was part of the once fantastic Pharcyde, is crazy as a solo artist. You can practically hear the drool coming out of his lips, but his lyrics amuse. Chali 2na adds a bit of balance with his bass-heavy, melodic flow.

"Everything" by Jehro
- This track reminds me of last summer. Lovely guitar playing and a mellow, Caribbean vibe. I believe this is one of the few albums I couldn't find at Amoeba, but I see it is available on Amazon.

"Promised Heights" by Cymande
- Cymande rules everything they do. That's all you need to know.

"Rapper's Delight" by Gang De Tagarela
- It's fun to discover songs you never knew existed on your own iPod. This one is a mainly instrumental version with lots of added horns. Godbot must have included this track in one of his playlists that I never end up finishing.

"Playground Love" by Air
- Aww, we used this song on our wedding CD. Once on our way back to UCSB from a break in the Bay, we were sitting in the backseat, tickling each other or something, and our friend in the passenger seat was like, "Hey, you guys, take it to the playground."

"Jump" by the Pointer Sisters
- Oaktown represent! Your eyes tell me how you want me, I can feel it in your heartbeat, I know you like what you see . . . sorry, I can't help singing along with this old school song. Awesome synthesized effects!

On that note, I must jump back into my work. Wow, that was pretty nerdy even for me.

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  1. I believe Steve Jobs deserves all the credit for Apple's success - both in the late 70's/early 80's and after their comeback in the late 90's. He's a freakin' genius!!!

    And one more thing... I know my heart can make you happy, you know these arms can feel you up. Jump! That's the jam... :)