Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Don't Hate-- Celebrate!

We are almost halfway through June and you know what that means. No, not summer and barbecues and swimming pools and suntans (see my previous post for talk of that ilk). It's wedding season! And along with it come all of the wedding woes, joys, memories, expectations, industry bombardment, etc., etc.

Two years ago I was in the midst of the hectic world of planning my own wedding. And now with friends getting married this weekend (and another lovely couple in September), I am reminded of that nutty time and am filled with empathy. People tell you to enjoy your engagement and make the most of that precious time together. A load of crap, I say. I don't know who the hell has experienced such engagement bliss, but those lucky suckers must have steady access to extra strength Valium. Or maybe wedding planning was not my cup of tea (or glass of champagne, natch). Some brides talk about missing the planning phase. Not I. I did not miss the planning when it was over and still don't. While my wedding was fairly traditional, I hated feeling pressured to engage (pun not intended) in cliched wedding rituals and spend a certain amount of money on this or that. The wedding industry is like that wolf dressed up in grandma's clothing. Everything appears all sweet and lovely until you look closely-- then it eats you alive.

But, save for my misleading rant above, it's not all bad. Especially when you're a guest, which I'm very excited to be! I love seeing two families and all of their friends come together and truly celebrate the union of a happy couple. Just remember that no bride needs to hear the "you should" and "why aren't you" comments. There's too much judgment that occurs around these purportedly blessed events. Just enjoy the love and pass on that haterade. Champagne is so much better.


  1. I love being a guest at weddings too! Bring on the wine and champagne!

  2. "Don't hate.." has been my mantra all year, thanks to you! I can't wait for that glass of champange :-)

  3. weddings are the best... especially ones that your cousins are hosting!!!