Friday, May 11, 2007

Irish Flu Remedies

Okay, I know that I should no longer be getting hangovers. I mean, I was trained at a top university on how to party and make it to class the next day. But, being that I'm flyrish, half of me probably has an allergic reaction to alcohol. When the occasional hangover hits, I need a fast remedy. Since the warmer days of summer are soon upon us, a time often filled with boozy barbeques and day-into-night graduation parties, now is a good time to share a few methods I've used to get my body back in working order.

- VitaminWater (this stuff is glorious because it contains electrolytes, vitamins B & C among others, and it tastes good-- unlike hurl-inducing Gatorade)

- Bananas (once you're up to eating, a banana replenishes lost potassium and other nutrients and the natural sugar helps somehow as well)

- Greasy food (this is an old school remedy that may have no actual merit, but I know that a grilled cheese and fries makes the world a better place on my day after)

- Herbs (ask Mary about this one)

- Sleep ('nuff said)

Please feel free to share any tips you may have. Has anyone ever tried one of those hangover cure pills?


  1. Where is a bottle of Vitamin Water when you need it!? 6 glasses of champagne + 5 hours of sleep = state of functionable hurt!! :) Swank night at Top of the Mark to celebrate another installment of the Dirty Thirty with Bay Area's Finest? Priceless!

    ~ Autumn "Champagne" Skye

  2. I've never tried the vitamin water. My remedy is to eat thai food and watch america's next top model. It doesn't make the hangover go away, but it definitely makes it bearable... :)

  3. Nice remedy, Yelena. Next time add VitaminWater to the mix and it'll make it that much more bearable.

  4. bone-a-thon

    --Sarah O