Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Obviously Optimal

Hi, I'm flyrish and I'm a wannabe foodie.

Besides wishing I was a little bit taller, once in a while I wish that I wasn't a vegetarian so that I could sample all of the tempting morsels that make up the food world. I mean, I have never liked meat (except for strange processed meats made by Oscar Meyer but let's save that for another exciting entry). It's not like I crave animal flesh or anything. I simply love eating, trying new restaurants, indulging in the vast array of cuisines that our bountiful Bay Area offers. Clearly I'm limited by my vegetarianism, although I'm also grateful for the variety of veggie offerings in this region-- everything from Italian to Thai to Ethiopian.

Life would be so much simpler if I didn't have such a passion for food. For example, I would love to travel to the Philippines, but the biggest deterrent is the lack of food I would be able to eat. Subsisting on rice and fruit does not sound appealing. Furthermore, I would hate to disrespect my Filipino relatives who would generously prepare meat-laden meals for me at their homes. My vegetarian lifestyle coupled with my love of food may prevent me from visiting the homeland. Pretty ridiculous, right? What's more ridiculous is that if I attempted to force meat down my throat, my gag reflex would surely kick in, shaming me as the flyrish freak forever.

It would be ideal if I ate meat. Perhaps I could become a real foodie. But I'm okay with my wannabe status because I'm one voracious vegetarian. Thank cows for cheese.


  1. This blog made want to fuck up a gigantic plate of adobo. After tax season is over I'm going to Carmen's.

  2. ^^^That was me, jake branch.