Thursday, March 01, 2007

Killa Whale

Here's my horoscope courtesy of Free Will Astrology to kick off the birthday weekend:

Native to Africa and Australia, baobab trees are oddly beautiful, with thick, bulbous trunks that can grow partially hollow and thus serve as shelters for people and animals. They have an enormous capacity for storing water, allowing them to survive during draughts. Humans carve and paint their fruits, making them into ornaments, and also use their leaves, fruits, and bark for food and drink. The tree's large white flowers open only at night, and are pollinated by bats. In all these ways, you remind me of a baobab right now, Pisces. You're freakishly gorgeous, have enormous staying power and hundreds of uses, are a rich source of nourishment and comfort, and bloom under the moonlight, when you do your best collaborative work.

And the full moon is on Saturday. Should be a good weekend for Pisces (that means you, Dre Dog).


  1. Ahhh yes, the amazing baobab! What a beautiful comparison! XXOO, Red

  2. Killer whale status is on lock.