Friday, February 16, 2007

High Fidelity Steelo

Whenever High Fidelity happens to be on TV (and I invariably watch it), I'm inspired to make top 5 lists. I've learned from my friend Red that lists can be fun, even to a non-listy person such as myself. And High Fidelity reaffirms the joy in favorites listmaking for me. Sometimes choosing favorites can be a challenge, though, especially for someone as indecisive and as non-exclusive as me. Like choosing a favorite food- just one? That's like picking my favorite child or something. But top 5 is manageable. I could easily pick my top 5 favorite children, especially since I don't expect to have more than 3 of my own someday. Then the other 2 could be a relative and some cute kid I saw in a movie or something.

Speaking of movies, today's top 5 list highlights my favorite movies of the past year. As the Oscars are about 2 weeks away- I can decidedly say that the Oscars are my #1 favorite awards show- I'd like to present a flyrish perspective of the best films of 2006.

1. Pan's Labyrinth
- amazingly creative and engaging; definitely worth seeing in the theatre
2. The Departed
- very entertaining and very Scorcese; I actually liked Leonardo di Caprio
3. Water
- beautiful, melancholy and fascinating
4. The Illusionist
- just plain cool story with great acting by Paul Giamatti
5. V for Vendetta
- Natalie Portman is awesome, the storyline is so timely

Now, mind you, I haven't seen all of the reportedly great movies of the year, but these are the best of what I've seen. I'm not a critic- I just look like one.


  1. Engagingly entertaining wealth of words from a favorite Flyrish female! Love the lists---especially other people's perspectives. Am I being annoyingly alliterative enough?

    The whole blog is cool. Keep it up, Meesh!

  2. My whole problem is I can't narrow anything down to just five. So my list would end up looking like "Top 20" or something. And that just gets tedious and messy. My missus is quite a list maker, but it's more like stuff she needs to get done or wants to get done. My favorite lists are of albums and books I need to cop.
    Also, I like High Fidelity. I've had a crush on Lisa Bonet since I was about seven.
    Keep up the great blogness.